Elektromekanisk niveaumåling


EE122 Electro-Mechnical Level Measuring System ( also can nickname by ” Yo-Yo” ) is applied to detect the continuous measurement of level heights or filling quantities in bunker plants, silos or tanks. which is consisted of two part units , the EE-102 Plumb Probe and EE-020 Silo Monitoring Controller.
The plumb probe is lowered into the silo at an optimal speed by the electric motor control system, when it contacts the material surface, the silo monitoring controller reversed the direction of the motor then the plumb probe returns to its starting position, and transmits the distance value, the length of unreeled stainless wire serves to calculate the level of the vessel.



  • Microprocessor base performance, high efficient output the read value
  • 2 set alarm performance relay specified by SPDT , 3A / 250 Vac
  • 1 set of 4-20 mA ananlog signal output
  • Two LED display rank (read out value) can indicate the level position or the percentage of the material in the silo, the upper display indicate the Volume percentage or Ratio value definited by Ton , Liter, and lower display is to show the height (distance) of the pratical material level in the silo by Meter, Inch, Feet.
  • Cable broken alarm : if the plumb cable (wire) broken,the transducer will drive motor stop running and output the readout value on the controller.
  • Plumb bob covered alarm : if the sensing plumb bob and its cable (wire) were covered by incoming material, the controller will output the read out value automatically.
  • Manual or automatic starting mode selection
  • LED display value can be set to show the real storage or remaining capacity of silo
  • The sensing weight will be pulled back at the preset zero point( silo bottom), to avoid the sensing weight slide into silo outlet and cause equipment damage.

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