TDR radarmåling



  • Versatile technology for Liquids, Slurries, Pastes and Solids.
  • Display of Level, Distance or Volume.
  • Interface detection and Reverse Interface Detection on liquids.
  • 2 wire loop powered 24vdc or 4 wire 110/230vac.
  • Hazardous area ATEX, EExd and EExia.
  • HART, Profibus (PA) and Foundation Fieldbus.
  • Suitable for narrow tanks with minimum fixed beam diameter.
  • Unaffected by dust during fill or empty conditions.
  • Immune to fill noise on solid products such as stone.
  • Simple to install and retrofit with wide range of process connections.
  • Suitable for corrosive and acidic atmospheres.
  • High temperature and pressure options are available.
  • Remote or local programming and commissioning.
  • Suitable for detecting levels through surface foam.
  • Sealed Flange system allows removal in process.

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