Kapasitiv niveau switch


The capacitance level sensor measuring principle is base on the ” capacitance effects ” , when this level sensor is set on a silo, it will be formed a condenser between the detector electrode and the silo wall. The capacitance of this condenser varies proportional to the change of material specific inductivity ( DK value) of the material stored in the
silo , when the more material substances increased in the silo, the more capacitance value added simultaneously, then it will let his interior circuit “s resonant signal to create a bigger amplitude ,and such a signal amplitude become more or less than factory default threshold value, the relay device will be energized.



  • No moving parts inside the device, it will be not affected by friction, which are suitable for powder or liquid application.
  • Various models are suitable for different application.
  • Operating temperature -20 ~ 200°C, Max. 800°C.
  • The sensitivity, which includes 10pf, 20pf and 40pf, is adjustable.
  • With timing delay design, timing adjustable range 0 ~ 6 seconds.
  • Voltage: 110V/220VacC or 24Vdc
  • Output: NPN transistor, 5A/250Vac and 5A/240Vac SPDT contact.
  • Standard connecting screw 1″ NPT, special specification are acceptable.
  • Enclosure protection IP65 or explosion-proof.
  • SA-75U Zener barriers inside provide intrinsic safety (Ex ia IIC) to SA17( )D type level switch.

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