Vibrations niveau switch


The vibrating probe level switch is structured of two piezoelectric elements built on vibration kit inside pipe. One receives pulse signal from PCB and causes pipe to vibrate, and the vibration transmits to the other in order to output electric signal and it is sent to PCB. When the vibration of the pipe is paused when measuring the material surrounding it, PCB can not receive the vibration signal from the piezoelectric element and relay actuates on.
This enables the use in fail-safe due to few malfunction and high stable work.
This vibrating probe provides reliable & trouble-free level sensing for bulk solids. Simple mounting and calibration, high confidence in working, it is unaffected by material built-up and static electricity, and can withstand high lateral loads.


  • No calibration needed, using friendly as well as sturdy and durable design.
  • Shed off build-up material. No fear about accumulated material on sensor.
  • High / Low fail safe modes offer safety and reliability.
  • According to different density, its adjustable sensitivity wheel button can be set even for finest material.

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