PID typer


The temperature controller can configure the optimum heat / cool control output model via interior software selection.

Heating + Cooling
Heating + Heating
Cooling + Cooling

Furthermore, the temperature controller comes in various forms, e.g. Analog display, bargraph display, LED digital display. The controller provides a total solution for the user”s requirements the user could be
sure of the best technical services from the factory.



  • Auto-Tuning function enables full automation of temperature control of the system accurately. Broad parameters range enables the controller to be applicable in a wide range of special environmental requirements.
  • RS485 (Modbus)
  • Input choice selectable by buttons
  • Celcius / Farenheit display
  • PID + Fuzzy + programmable module enables precise control in different working environments
  • 8 segment temperature control enables the controller to be applied in long-term and complicated operations.
  • Internally installed Auto-Zero and Auto-Span ensures no loss of accuracy over time
  • Automatic detection of Sensor Break
  • Digital filtering function filters unnecessary “noise”Offset input option eliminates system circuit deviation
  • Switching power supply system
  • 8 type alarm functions
  • Time-proportional PID control

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