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The PF Power Meter utilizes a 16 bit 61.44MHz DSP digital signal converter as it”s main processor to produce timely and accurate results. Complemented with 3-phase electrical power A/D switching chip, it is able to sample 6 sets of signals simultaneously (3-phase voltage and 3-phase current) to produce accurate monitoring. Apart from the industry”s standard of using switching mode single module A/D converter which produces a time lag in-between sampling, the PF provides digital analysis, display, regulation, output and other functions.
The PF, apart from displaying all electrical power units (V, A, PF, W, VAR, VA, Wh, VARh, VAh, Hz),harmonic analysis, the meter measures total harmonic distortion, odd harmonic distortion, and individual harmonic distortions for harmonics 3 through 21. it includes 2 relay outputs, availability to set minimum value for Voltage(V)/ Current(A)/ Real Power(W)/ Power Factor(PF). It also produces two pulse output for active and reactive power (pulse/ kwh) readings. For communications interface, PF utilizes RS485 industrial standard (Modbus) to produce other output functions. The user will definitely find the PF user-friendly and easy to integrate into any systems



  • Suitable for use in 3-phase/3-wire and 3-phase/4-wire power systems. Able to measure Voltage/Current/ Power Factor/ Active Power/ Reactive Power/ Apparent Power/ Line frequency/ Active energy/ Reactive Energy and
    Apparent Energy.
  • Uses a 128×64 blue LCD for display
  • Programmable adjustment for current and voltage transformers ratio, CT/ PT ratio 1~1000.
  • RS485 Communication Interface (RTU & ASCII module)
  • 2Relay outputs programmable to act on Voltage/Current /Active Power/ Power Factor
  • 2 Pulse output for active power and reactive power
  • Password protection for settings
  • Accuracy up to 0.2%
  • Provide Voltage/ Current harmonic analysis data, include
    signal strength and shift up to 21st order.
  • Precision True-RMS measurement

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